PGA Fantasy Golf

It can be a challenge to find the right PGA fantasy golf league to use. While many people love to participate in fantasy sports leagues, the number of leagues devoted to golfing enthusiasts is fairly limited. Nonetheless, you want to explore the options available and find the league that will provide you with the best overall experience. In order to accomplish this, you want to focus on a few key points as you make your comparison of the leagues.

First, you should consider the type of league that the PGA fantasy golf website provides you with. Many league websites only provide public leagues, and they may pool together a considerable number of people. Your chances of winning a pool with a large number of participants may be slim at best, and you may not be able to easily connect with the friends who you want to compete with. Fantasy Fairway, however, offers public and private PGA fantasy golf leagues, and it strives to keep the number of participants in each pool competitive for your enjoyment. This will help provide you with one of the most enjoyable yet competitive experiences available.

In addition, you want to choose a PGA fantasy golf league based on the prizes you may earn. Some leagues offer mediocre prizes, and you may not be too enthused about winning them. Participation in a league is most fun when there is an element of competition to it, so you need to have a prize worth competing for. Fantasy Fairway offers you a great selection of golf-related prizes as well as cash prizes. The grand prize offered with the last league competition was $2,000. You want to be able to get excited about the prizes offered in a PGA fantasy golf league, and a large cash prize is certainly something that you can feel competitive about earning.

While there are many factors to consider as you shop around for the right PGA fantasy golf league to participate in, you do want to consider what Fantasy Fairway has to offer. This league is the premier league to join, join today and begin earning points!

How to Succeed Playing PGA Tour Fantasy Golf

Fantasy golf is quickly growing in popularity thanks in large part to the success of mainstream fantasy sports such as football, baseball and basketball. PGA Tour fantasy golf is played by selecting one golfer each weekend based on how you think he will perform at a specific tournament. When the tournament is complete, you receive points based on the prize money your golfer earned that weekend. While this sounds like an easy enough fantasy game to master, the real skill comes in when you can only select a golfer once during the entire PGA Tour season. This means you need to select a golfer that is best suited for a specific course and try to avoid the big name players who will struggle in a given week.

Know the Players

The single best thing you can do in order to increase your chances of success when playing PGA Tour fantasy golf is to know the golfers on the tour. By knowing each players strengths and weaknesses, you can pair that golfer up with a golf course on the schedule that will play to their strengths. This should allow you to score more fantasy points than your opponents who did not know a specific player’s swing was tailor made for a certain golf course.

Create a Plan

Before the PGA Tour season begins, you will want to create a plan for your fantasy golf team. Closely examining the PGA Tour schedule and mapping out which golfers you will select each weekend well in advance will enable you to use the best players possible throughout the fantasy golf season.

Of course, this plan is not set in stone when you create it at the beginning of the season as injuries and a golfer’s current form need to be taken into consideration before you set your lineup for any given week. But, knowing which golfers you should be looking to use for a specific golf course well in advance of that tournament being played will allow you to ensure he is available to select from the pool of PGA golfers.

Pay Attention to Stats

Once you have a good idea as to which players are best suited for a specific course on the PGA Tour, you will want to pour over all available stats to see which golfer is playing the best golf at that moment. Like any other sport, golfers go through hot and cold streaks during the season. Selecting a golfer who is in top form will increase your chances of receiving a lot of fantasy points when you select him for your roster as the rest of your fantasy golf opponents are probably not considering the recent form of a specific golfer and just selecting golfers who they think are the best.

Fantasy golf is a great way to enjoy the game of golf while simultaneously winning money. With a bit of research and thoughtful planning, you can turn your knowledge of the PGA Tour into some serious cash by playing fantasy golf.