Fantasy Fairways Online Fantasy Golf Press Release

Golf Fans are No Longer Left without a Fantasy Golf Option

January 9, 2013 United States of America: Fantasy Fairways Releases a new fantasy golf league website. No longer are golf fans left on the sidelines of water cooler talk as their coworkers discuss the standing of their fantasy sports teams. Fantasy Fairways addresses a gap in the fantasy sports world with a choice of private or public fantasy golf leagues.

The Fantasy Fairways Golf League operates much like a fantasy league of other sports. For each major PGA event a  player choses one Golfer to represent his or her team, the fantasy player  then banks points equal to the Golfer’s  official prize money in that specific event.

The Fantasy Fairway game pits competitors against their private and public league mates as well as keeping tally for all players on the site. Prizes are available for private league winners as well as the overall season champion.

The different types of leagues provide players with the opportunity to play with friends, co-workers or family, no matter where they are geographically. Players can also put their golfing wits up against the general fantasy golf public by joining a public league.  Both public and private league champions receive a Fantasy Fairway Prize pack as well as the overall site champion receiving a cash prize of $1,500.

Fantasy golf, similar to actual golf, is less stressful then other fantasy sports because players don’t have to deal with troublesome drafts, weekly lineups or salary caps. Each Pro-Golfer  can only be chosen once per year per player. Fantasy golf players need not experience the dreaded hand wringing as they flip between channels trying to keep track of current points scored, injuries, yards gained, turnovers and a variety of other metrics associated with other fantasy sports leagues.

The Fantasy Fairways season begins and ends with the PGA tournament season. Prospective players should register before PGA play begins to have their chosen golf player picks in before the first tournament the week of December 31, 2012 for the 2013 season. For more information on start dates and registration visit

Fantasy Fairways is a strictly golf based fantasy sports website. For more information on Fantasy Fairways or their fantasy golf league contact the Commissioner at

Reasons to Play a Fantasy Golf Game

If you are a fantasy sports fanatic who enjoys the game of golf, you need to consider playing a fantasy golf game. Fantasy golf is played by selecting a different golfer each week of the season and receiving points based on his performance. Since you can select a specific golfer only once during the entire season, you need to carefully consider each golfer’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the course they will be playing that week. This unique fantasy sports format provides plenty of reasons to play fantasy golf.


Fantasy golf adds extra excitement to the golf season. While you may enjoy watching a round of golf, you really do not care too much about the players near the bottom of the standings after the first two rounds of the weekend since they do not have much of a chance of winning the tournament. However, if one of those players was on your fantasy roster that week, you would be much more excited to see how he does when compared to the rest of the golfers in the field.


The format for fantasy golf makes it one of the most challenging fantasy sports out there. By only being able to select a golfer once during the entire PGA Tour season, you need to map out your fantasy golf strategy to see which golfers you will select each weekend. Using this strategy can provide quite the challenge when you are competing against other fantasy golf players.

However, if your golfer performed better than everyone else’s selections at the end of the weekend, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that is very rewarding and satisfying. Being able to conquer the challenge that fantasy golf presents can leave you feeling very satisfied with the work you put in to field your fantasy golf roster.


Fantasy golf is just like every other fantasy sports game where you can win prizes and cash based on your performance. What better way to increase your enjoyment of the game of golf by winning money off of your knowledge of the game. Weekly and season long prizes are awarded so you have plenty of opportunities to win cash and prizes all season long when playing fantasy golf.

If you are someone that truly enjoys following the PGA Tour, you need to be playing fantasy golf. Playing a fantasy golf game allows you to get more excitement out of the sport that you love, provides a challenge for your mind that can leave you with a sense of accomplishment when you win your fantasy league and enables you to win cash and prizes all season long.

Why Fantasy Golf

Why Fantasy Golf?

Football, baseball and basketball are not the only sports with fanatics. Fantasy golf meets the needs of the serious golf fanatic as well as the more casual golf fan that wants to take their experience with the great game to the next level. No matter your experience level or golfing knowledge Fantasy Fairways has something for you.

If you need to finally prove to your brother or friend that you are the master mind of golf, are just seeking a fun past time with your fiends our want to test your golfing wits against the general fantasy golf population. You can create your own league for family, friends or co-workers or participate in a public league. Fantasy Fairways is simply the best fantasy golf pool on the web.

Fantasy Fairways makes golf fun but along with the fun there are changes to win great prizes. Each league, weather private or public, will have a league winner that receives a Fantasy Fairway prize pack as well as the overall winner with the highest points site wide receiving $1,500 in cash. You can’t get better then fun and prizes.

There is also a little strategy mixed in with the fun and prizes. Each fantasy golf player can only pick a specific PGA player to win one tournament a season. Therefor you need to be careful who you chose and when you chose them. If you favorite player is a great golfer but usually needs a couple of tournaments to warm up you might want to save them for later in the season.

The fantasy league starts at the same time the PGA league starts but you need to make your pick for the first tournament before the tournament begins so sign up now and start playing fantasy golf today!