Fantasy Golf

Fantasy Fairway is the fantasy golf league that many others have already chosen to participate in, and with a closer look at what the site has to offer, you will make the same decision yourself. Through Fantasy Fairway, you can choose to join either a private or public fantasy golf league. Whether you have a group of friends that you want to start a private league with or want to get started with the fun action of fantasy league play on your own, Fantasy Fairway has a league option that is right for you.

Both private and public fantasy golf participants will be competing for weekly and grand prizes, and this gives everyone something to get excited about. To play, you simply have to make your pick for the PGA tournaments each week. You will receive an automated reminder to make your picks each week, and you simply have to log into the Fantasy Fairway site, make your selection from the dropdown menu and wait for the action to unfold at the tournaments. You will receive points based on how well your fantasy golf pick performs. Each week, if you select the tournament winner, you will be entered into a prize drawing. The winner of the weekly drawing will receive a set of Top Flight XL golf balls or a related prize of equal value. The overall top winners for the entire league event will win prizes that may include cash, Nike polo shirts, Nike SQ MachSpeed STR-8-Fit Driver and others. In addition, there is a second prize pool that is available in the middle of the season that gives winners the opportunity to win additional cash. With all of these opportunities, you could be winning prizes throughout the season!

When selecting a fantasy golf league to participate in, the ability to win cash prizes and other prizes is important. While the pure competition of competing in a league and earning bragging rights over your friends and other league participants may be enough for some, many participants love the thrill associated with competing for cash and prizes too. You can sign up for Fantasy Fairway today to get started.

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