How to Play in a Fantasy PGA Golf Tour

When you participate in a fantasy PGA golf tour league, you must make your picks for who will be the big tournament winners from week to week. Only through your success at making the right picks will you earn the big rewards and prizes for the league and the overall competition. When you work with a top fantasy PGA golf tour league like Fantasy Fairway, you want to consider developing a key strategy that is based on the rules of league play.

For example, with Fantasy Fairway, you will find that you can only choose one player to win each tournament, and you cannot pick that player more than once during the season. The number of tournaments for each season will vary, but this season there are 35 total tournaments that you can compete in. You will need to make your picks for the fantasy PGA golf tour league before the tournaments begin. You can change your picks up to the time the tournament begins, but keep in mind that once you pick a player to win, you cannot pick that player to win a future tournament.

Clearly, there is some strategy involved here in a fantasy PGA golf tour as different players will perform differently on different courses. You may find that familiarizing yourself with the performance of each player’s strengths and weaknesses, keeping up with their stats and learning more about the courses will help you to improve your results in the fantasy golf league.

While you will want to familiarize yourself with the schedule and plan your picks ahead for several weeks based on the players’ strengths and the course features, you should be aware that Fairway Fantasy will remind you to make your picks about 18 hours before the event starts. This can provide you with the ability to lock in your picks based on current data. For example, you may not want to choose a player who has been having off-performances recently or who has recently become injured. If you are trying to improve your success with our fantasy PGA golf tour league, you want to consider reviewing the tournament schedule and becoming familiar with the courses today. Then sign up for a fantasy golf league and start your play.

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