The Best Fantasy Golf Pool

If you have been looking for the ultimate fantasy golf league to join for a league pool you are forming, Fantasy Fairway is the league that you have been looking for. A fantasy golf pool with a group of your friends, neighbors or co-workers can be fun and exciting, and there are several leagues that you can join. However, when you take a closer look at what Fantasy Fairway has to offer, you will see that it is hands-down the best option available to you.

When you join Fantasy Fairway, you will have the ability to start a private league and invite your fantasy golf pool buddies to join in the fun. No other outsiders can join your private league. Throughout the tournament, you can accumulate points, and the grand prize winner could win $2,000 or more!

The Fantasy Fairway fantasy golf league covers 35 tournaments and runs from early January through mid-August each year. This includes the Sony Open in Hawaii as the first tournament and the Wyndham Championship as the last. Each week, you will receive an automated reminder to make your picks, and you and the participants in the fantasy golf pool can watch the action unfold at these tournaments to accumulate points. Keep in mind, however, that you can only pick the same golfer once for the entire season, and because of this, there is considerable strategy involved in the fantasy golf pool play. Through Fantasy Fairway, only the PGA golfing events are covered. European events as well as professional tours and other related tours are not included in the action.

There may be other online fantasy golf leagues that you and your buddies can join for your fantasy golf pool, but Fantasy Fairway is the best option. You can truly enjoy the most convenient league play experience, and the extra strategy of this league makes it fun and exciting. Plus, because you are competing for cash, everyone who is participating can really get into the competitive spirit. You and your buddies can get started now by signing up and joining your own private league with Fantasy Fairway today.

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