Understanding Our Fantasy Pro Golf Tour League

If you are new to a fantasy pro golf tour league like Fantasy Fairway, you do want to familiarize yourself with the different strategies and rules for playing. Understanding how the scoring works with Fantasy Fairway is a major consideration if you want to win big with your fantasy pro golf tour league. Each participant will have a slightly different strategy, but you may find that understanding the rules better can help you to develop a strategy that works well for you.

With Fantasy Fairway’s Fantasy Pro Golf Tour League, you are awarded a number of points based on the actual winnings that your pick earned for the tournament. For example, if your pick for that tournament won $500, you would get 500 points. The rules state that you can only pick one participant for each tournament per season. Therefore, you want to consider which participants should perform the best for each course, what the winnings are for each course and other related factors. Because the participant does not need to come in on top at each tournament to win money, you can earn points even by picking the second or third top performer at the tournament. You will need to consider if it is best to choose a player to win at one tournament or another based on the purse offered and how you anticipate he will perform.

As you can see, there is clearly a strategy for winning in your fantasy pro golf tour league, but you also need to be educated about the players and courses too. In order to find the greatest level of success, you need to understand how each player is expected to compete on specific courses. For example, one golfer may have a better long game, and another may have a better short game. These factors are important to consider when selecting a winner for a specific course. You can also analyze stats to determine which players have been playing well in recent weeks and months.

When you participate in a fantasy pro golf tour league, it is understandable that you want to compete to win the top prizes. Keep these tips in mind for the best outcome.

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