Welcome to the new FantasyFairway.com fantasy golf blog!

Hello fantasy golf world, I am “The Commish” and welcome to the new Fantasy Fairway blog where we will be discussing Fantasy Golf, the PGA Tour, general golf talk, and I am sure we’ll go off topic every once in a while as well.

A little bit of background on me, I created and run what I believe is the best fantasy golf site on the internet, www.fantasyfairway.com (which is where “The Commish” moniker comes from).  What makes FantasyFairway.com great is that it provides users with a very simple but strategic approach to playing fantasy golf, while allowing users to create their own leagues or join a private league.  The concept on FantasyFairway.com is simple, you pick 1 golfer a week and you earn point for whatever that player earns in the tournament.  If you miss the cut, you get 0, if your player wins the tournament you get points equal to the first place money, second place gets points for second place money, and so on.  You can only pick each golfer once, so the strategy comes in that you must make choices based on player’s ability at a specific course or time of course, the tournament payout, and other factors to maximize your points over the course of the season.  If you already have an established league, it’s easy to convert over to FantasyFairway or you can join public leagues or create your own league.  All leagues are eligible for cash and prizes, this year we paid out over $6,000 in cash and players earned Nike Drivers for segment prizes, Nike polo shirts, T-shirts, prize packs, balls and all kinds of other goodies.

Ok, enough of the shameless plug on the blog intro, but I do hope you’ll check out the site.  In all seriousness, I have played fantasy sports as long as I can remember and I absolutely loved fantasy golf so much that I wanted to create a league that my friends and I would want to play.  I have played others and found that the selection process was too difficult or the scoring system was weird so I just started a league offline using a spreadsheet and that’s how FantasyFairway.com was born.  We get comments all the time that people love playing fantasy golf with us because the site is easy to use, it’s fully automated with email reminders etc., and it’s really simple to pick, follow your player, and know what the results are – even people that have never really followed the PGA tour, or even played fantasy before.

The fantasy golf season starts up again in January, so over the next few months in the off season, I will be posting articles about looking back on the 2013 golf season, with articles like most valuable players, least valuable players, and then looking forward to the 2014 season with rankings, tiers and potential tournament matchups.  Once the season starts I will post a tournament preview with some course info, a look at the field, and the Commish’s picks and a tournament recap early the following week.  During the season, I also post tournament updates and field WDs, etc. so look for me on twitter as well.

I am glad that you have stumbles across my little blog here and hope that you find some of the information useful, even if you choose to play fantasy golf offline or on another site.  Of course, my preference would be to give FantasyFairway.com a shot, but really I just want to get the fantasy golf message out there and encourage more people to play the game and really get invested in the PGA tour.  Feel free to email me at commish@fantasyfairway.com and visit our facebook and google plus page (likes and +1s are always encouraged) and you can also follow The Commish on twitter @FantasyFairway.

Next post – Fantasy Fairway 2013 season recap

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